MR Powerbank 680 mAh – Card sized,MR743

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MR Powerbank 680 mAh – Card sized,MR743

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MR Powerbank 680 mAh – Card sized, MR743

MR Powerbank 680 mAh – Card sized

MediaRange Power Banks are your ideal travel companion. Whether for smartphone, tablet or other devices:
With our powerful USB Power Banks you have always your reliable power supply.
The compact and lightweight lithium-ion batteries are rechargable via the included USB charging cable to the
 computer or an optional AC adapter to the wall outlet and can be used immediately.

The MediaRange Powerbank Superslim in credit card size fits in every wallet. Caused by the integrated microUSB
connector cable there is no further equipment necessary for charging your device in case of emergency. After use
the card can be charged simply with your smartphone charger.


Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Capacity: 680 mAh
integrated Micro USB charging cable
Input: 5V – 500mA
Output (integrated Micro USB cable): 5V – 500mA
Built-in overcharge/discharge protection
Charging cycles: >500
Status display: 3 blue LED lights
Weight: 34g
Dimensions: 84x54x5mm
incl. Micro USB charging cable
Color: black

ideal for charging your device in case of emergency
A perfect, reliable energysource for your smartphone or other mobile device
User Manual | Warranty conditions | Operating- and safety instructions:
Please download the user manual, warranty conditions and operating- and safety instructions for MediaRange
Powerbanks (Item No.: MR741, MR742 and MR744) here.

Operating and Safety instructions:
Intended use: This Powerbank is meant solely for the purpose of power supply to devices with an operating voltage
of 5V DC (mobile phones, MP3 player etc.).
Operate the device at 0 to 40 degree Celsius at max.90% relative humidity. If you do not use the powerbank forlong
periods of time, store the device at atemperature range of -10 to 45 degree Celsius atmax. 90% relative humidity
(for short period) andcharge the device every three months to maintain thetotal performance of the device.
Do not use the device in extremely cold, hot, humid or dusty areas; also do not expose to direct sunlight.
Avoid contact with open flame. Risk of Explosion!
Please protect the device against shock and drops inall operating modes.
This device is sensitive to electrostatic discharge.Please protect the device against any possible electrostatic discharge.
Disposal of old batteries: This device is subjected to the European Directive 2006/66/EG. All the old batteries must be
disposed separated from household
garbage through the government agencies designated for that purpose. By disposing the batteries in this prescribed
manner, you can avoid environmental damages.
Disposal of Used Electronic Equipment: This device is subjected to the European Directive 2012/19/EG. All electrical
devices and used electrical equipment must be disposed of separately from household waste over the appropriate
government agencies. Proper disposal of old electronic equipment helps avoid environmental damage.

manufactured by : MEDIARANGE

Barcode : 4260283116966



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