M149 ,Solar charging controller 12 V/DC, 6 A / 10 A ,4024028031491

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Solar charging controller 12 V/DC, 6 A / 10 A

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M149 ,Solar charging controller 12 V/DC, 6 A / 10 A


This solar charging controller is connected between a solar cell 12 V/DC (open circuit voltage 14 – 30 V/DC) and a battery 12 V/DC to prevent an overcharge of the battery. LED displays for «battery full» (approx. 14,4 V/DC) and «charging».

barcode: 4024028031491
manufacturer:Kemo Electronic

M149 Solar charging controller 12 V/DC, 6 A, M149, Akku Charging Regulator, Solar, Photovoltaik, Solar Shunt Regler, Solarcontroller, Kemo Electronic


Input voltage solar cell panels 14 – 30 V/DC open circuit voltage
Nominal voltage 12 V/DC
Max. input current 6 A, short-time till 5 Min. 10 A
Inrush voltage battery voltage < ca. 13,4 V/DC Interrupting voltage battery voltage > ca. 14,4 V/DC
Displays 1 LED for «Charging», 1 LED for «Accu full»
Own power consumption < 2,5 mA (LED switched on) Dimensions ca. 72 x 50 x 42 mm (without fixing straps)

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Διαστάσεις 10 x 10 x 10 cm


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