ENERGENIE Remote controlled surge protector

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ENERGENIE Remote controlled surge protector

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ENERGENIE Remote controlled surge protector


ENERGENIE Remote controlled surge protector

Basic surge protectorExtends AC power supplyProtects valuable equipmentWireless remote controllable

Euro 20000 insurance for attached peripherals included, conditions

5 socket AC power surge protector with 10 m remote control Protects computers, other office equipment and home appliances from harmful power surges and spikes

Maximum load: 10 A current, up to 2500 VA Maximum energy dissipation: 150 Joules 5 AC sockets German type Top quality, flame retardant plastic case Children protection Mounting holes VDE-approved German plug power cord


Input voltage: 250 VAC, 50 HzMaximum load: 10 A current, up to 2500 VAMaximum energy dissipation: 150 JoulesSurge protector standby power: <= 0.8 W, at AC 250 VRemote controllor standby current: <=3 uA, at DC 12 VRadio-frequency remote controller: transmission frequecy 433.92 MHz, operation distance up to 10 m, encoded control signal with more than 6500 combinations, 12 V battery (’23A’ type) includedWorking temperature range: +10 … +40 degrees Celsius

German Schuko type sockets: 5 pcsPower cord: 6 ft, 10 A, VDE approvedDimensions: 325 x 50 x 40 mmWeight: 0.43 kg







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