DCA55 mosfet tester Component – IC Tester Component, Model DCA55

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DCA55 mosfet tester Component – IC Tester Component, Model DCA55

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DCA55 mosfet tester Component – IC Tester Component, Model DCA55



Component Analyser DCA55

An intelligent component analyser (70 x 103 x 20mm) that can analyse a vast number of different component types including bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, thyristors, triacs, diodes, LEDs and others. It provides information such as component type, pin out and measurable parameters (such as gain, gate threshold voltages, voltage drops etc).

Semiconductor Component Testers

Identify the type and pinout of almost any discrete semiconductor
Just connect your component any way round and press the test button. The Atlas DCA will then present you with detailed component information in concise, easy to read, scrollable pages. The displayed information will include: the component type, special component features, component pinout, and measured parameters (such as gain, leakage current, gate threshold voltages, volt drops etc…). No more searching through data books and catalogues in order to identify components and pinouts.


Connect your component any way round.
Automatic part type identification (not the part number).
Automatic full pinout identification (only gate of JFETs is identified).
Important parameter measurements including:
Current gain measurement (hFE) of BJTs.
Base-Emitter voltage drops (Vbe) of BJTs.
Leakage current of BJTs.
Gate threshold (Vgs) of Enhancement mode MOSFETs.
Voltage drops (Vf) of PN junctions, diodes, LEDs etc.
Distinguishes between germanium and silicon BJTs.
Long battery life (alkaline battery included).
Includes high quality gold plated hook probes.
Includes detailed illustrated user guide.

Components Supported

NPN/PNP Transistors (BJTs) and Darlingtons.
Digital transistors.
Enhancement mode MOSFETs.
Depletion mode MOSFETs (Vgs not measured).
JFETs (only gate identified).
Sensitive triacs and thyristors ( Diodes.
Diode networks.
Bi-Colour LEDs (2 and 3 lead types).

There is no on/off switch, power is automatically turned on at the start of an analysis and then automatically turned off if inactive for more than 60 seconds. Each page of displayed information is presented in manageable amounts, with each page being displayed when you want it. If you want to concentrate on the «pinout» page then just select that page, you don’t have to see information that you don’t need.

The Atlas DCA Package
The Peak Atlas DCA is supplied complete with a long life battery, universal test probes and a comprehensive illustrated user guide. Furthermore, free and unlimited technical support and advice is available to all users by telephone, fax, email or our web site




 Peak test current into S/C-5.5mA5.5mA1
 Peak test voltage across O/C-5.1V5.1V1
 Measurable transistor gain range (hFE)420,0002
 Transistor gain accuracy (for hFE<1000)-3%-5 hFE+3%+5 hFE2,9
 Transistor VCEO2.0V3.0V2
 Transistor VBE accuracy-2%-20mV+2%+20mV9
 VBE threshold for Darlington identification0.9V3
 VBE threshold for Darlington identification (shunted)0.8V4
 Acceptable transistor VBE1.8V
 Base-emitter shunt resistance threshold60k
 Transistor collector-emitter test current2.45mA2.50mA2.55mA
 Acceptable transistor collector leakage1.0mA6
 MOSFET gate threshold range0.1V5.0V5
 MOSFET gate threshold accuracy-2%-20mV+2%-20mV5
 MOSFET drain-source test current2.45mA2.50mA2.55mA
 MOSFET minimum acceptable gate resistance8k
 Thyristor/Triac gate test current4.5mA7
 Thyristor/Triac load test current5mA
 Diode test current5mA
 Diode forward voltage accuracy-2%-2mV+2%+2mV
 VF threshold for LED1.50V
 Short circuit detection threshold10 ohms
 Battery typeGP23A 12V Alkaline
 Battery voltage range7.50V12V
 Battery voltage warning threshold8.25V
 Inactivity power-down period60 secs
 Dimensions (excluding test leads)103 x 70 x 20 mm
4.1″ x 2.8″ x 0.8″
 Operating temperature range0°C50°C8
  1. Between any pair of test clips.
  2. Collector current of 2.50mA.
  3. Resistance across reverse biased base-emitter > 60k.
  4. Resistance across reverse biased base-emitter < 60k.
  5. Drain-source current of 2.50mA.
  6. Collector-Emitter voltage of 5V.
  7. Thyristor quadrant 1, Triac quadrants I and III.
  8. Subject to acceptable LCD visibility.
  9. BJT with no shunt resistors.

Επιπρόσθετες Πληροφορίες

Βάρος0.100 kg
Διαστάσεις10 x 10 x 10 cm


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